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Jul. 21st, 2013

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Hi readers of my journal,

It's a little painful to do this and I don't like doing it, but I've removed several peoples' journals from my list. This journal has always been an active space for me to pour my heart into and I tend to feel close to people on my friends list. However, some people were perpetually inactive (a few of them for a year or more!), and with the others, there just wasn't enough interaction between us as I would have preferred. I assure you that there are no negative feelings on my end and I bid each of you happy trails.

Sarah aka psyrah

Jul. 21st, 2011

My first night in India.

It recently dawned on me that I returned from India half a year ago. I never wrote personally about my experience because a picture speaks a thousand words; I took hundreds of them, not to mention receiving multiple burned discs of everyone's from the group.

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Mar. 30th, 2011

Moments unfolding.

While we were at Punjab Cafe last week, I noticed an elderly man wearing a Pagri and somewhat traditional clothing. He sat on a stool near the bar yet not at the bar -- more in its corner -- facing the entrance of the restaurant. And he just... sat there. My guess was that he was the owner of the restaurant's father or some relative. Yet, he didn't talk to anyone working there. He just sat and watched his surroundings in an outwardly very calm matter, in what I could tell was a nonjudgmental way. My first thought was "Here's a wise old man." Riding a wave of long, mindful moments.

It brings me back to a moment in India where some of the group sat outside on a stoop, silently waiting for the rest to finish shopping in a store. I observed my foreign surroundings, and everyone seemed to be in the same state whether they were moving around or not: a sense of stillness, relaxation, being in the moment. I mentioned this experience over dinner to the yoga instructor who was also staying at the ashram. He said something along the lines of "It's nice to disconnect." But my first reaction to his words was that I wasn't disconnecting, but truly connecting.

What do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be mindful and loving, and it starts now.

Jan. 31st, 2010

(no subject)

if i were a month, i'd be june.
if i were a day of the week, i'd be saturday.
if i were a time of the day, i'd be 5:00.
if i were a planet, i'd be mercury.
if i were a sea animal, i'd be a seahorse.
if i were a direction, i'd be everywhere.
if i were a piece of furniture, i'd be an inviting bed.
if i were a liquid, i'd be rain.
if i were a tree, i'd be ancient.
if i were a flower, i'd be a sunflower.
if i were a kind of weather, i'd be sunny with a few clouds.
if i were a musical instrument, i'd be a didgeridoo.
if i were a color, i'd be green.
if i were an emotion, i'd be infinitely curious.
if i were a fruit, i'd be a grapefruit.
if i were a sound, i'd be heartfelt laughter.
if i were an element, i'd be air.
if i were a car, i'd be efficient.
if i were a food, i'd be a vegetable.
if i were a place, i'd be home.
if i were a taste, i'd be undefinable.
if i were a scent, i'd be natural.
if i were an object, i'd be treasured.
if i were a body part, i'd be the brain.
if i were an expression, i'd be graceful.
if i were a song, i'd be sly-ed by man with no name .

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